Week 3!

05/05/2009 - Day 10

We have recovered from the shock of an extended weekend and the kids were glad to be back in the world of Myst. I explained that we would be jumping around the ages for the next few day and we explored Erdanna, where the helter-skeltor (is that how you spell it?) plant is. We loved riding up and down it a couple of times and then shared our idaes about what our own plants could do. We had all sorts of ideas - friendship plants, food plants, sleeping plants, wisdom plants etc. the descriptions are goos, which is starting to sound boring now! Seriously, it's lovely but I keep expecting the bubble to burst.

In the afternoon we bagan to draw and oil pastel the plants, though we ran out of time due to the fire-safety man coming in. We'll finish all that off tomorrow.

I began thinking today....What Next? We can't go on indefinately with Myst and I'm worried the kids will loose their amazing skills next term so I'm going to email Tim to see if he has thought about this. I'm at a loss, I can't see us going back to the normal lietracy hour stuff, nor do I want to. My teaching has changed and I think the way the children learn has changed (or this is just what really suits them and I have been letting them down all this time??) and I can't bear the tought of going back to 'boring' again. Not that my lessons were ever boring!!

06/05/09 - Day 11

We pressed the blue button today! What fun, i think we took the ride about 4 times in total throughout the day, each time getting louder and more exciting:) The children thought about the types of verbs they would use to describe the rollercoaster ride. We collected them in and wrote a class peom using the verbs.

Then the children worked individually and wrote their own poems. these can be found in the Rollercoaster poems page.
At the end of the day we went back to Erdanna and explored the area - we used the walkthrough to help us and loved the glowing ray creature. very cool!

07/05/09 - Day 12

It turned out to be another day where the plans meant nothing - the children really wanted to finish their poems from yesterday, so we spent the session writing them out and publishing them.

I have had the chance to reflect a little today and have been over-ambitious with much of my planning - I did not expect the children to take so much pride in their work so if I was planning this again, I would allow more time for the publishing of the materials.