Week 2!!

27/04/2009 - Day 6

I can't believe we're into week 2 already. I can honestly say the children are really enjoying the project and on a personal level, I am enjoying teaching literacy so much more.
Today I dropped a bombshell to the children. After promising them that we would be chasing after the mysterious stranger and getting them very excited about that, I 'found' a letter addressed to the class from the head teacher. This is another idea from the Kent Myst project. I read the letter out loud which told the children that the head was immensly displeased that the children were playing computer games in their literacy lessons. Unless they wanted games to be banned in school, the letter informed the children that they must write back to her staing why they should be allowed to continue using Myst in the classroom. I never anticipated the level of outrage and injustice that the children felt - they were simply FURIOUS that they were in this situation. Straight away we plotted that the letter back had to be perfect so we split up into groups and wrote a 'for' and 'against' list for using computer games in school. We spent a lot of time discussing the issues and are ready to start writing our letters in the next session.

29/04/2009 - Day 7

We had no literacy yesterday as the whole school went to watch a fantastic play at the Gulbenkian Theatre entitled The Sun Dragon. It was brilliant but the class were slightly miffed that they couldn't write their letters!

Instead, we wrote our letters today. The children were keen to get started writing as they wanted to continue their Myst journey. They worked in pairs or small groups and typed their letters out directly. The letters can be seen on the 'arguments' page. After they had uploaded their letters, they printed them out and proudly presented them to the head teacher. They are now waiting for the decision....

In the afternoon, we used Dance EJay to create a fantastic piece of music. The theme was 'the Myst desert' and the children loved creating their music. They were very careful to select only music that they felt reflected what the desert was like and spent a lot of time being very critical about their own work and that of others in the class.

30/04/2009 - Day 8

Today was lovely, the head came in to deliver her verdict that the children could, indeed continue their Myst journey....huge relief all round!

Today we explored the beach on J'nanin. We listened to the sounds, looked at the rock pool, imagined what it was like there. We passed around some beach items that I have collected over the years and we described what they were like. After we had collected words and shared ideas, we set to work describing the scene. Simply lovely!

01/05/2009 - Day 9

We had (another!) an interruped morning today as we had a stunt bike person come in do some tricks and talk about safety. Whilst it was "dead cool", the kids were keen to finish their descriptions from yesterday. So today was one of those sod-the-plans-and-lets-just-finish-what-we-started days. We talked about presentation and handwriting etc and off they went. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw how beautiful their work was, with each child taking so much care and pride over what they had written. It's one of those utterly amazing feel good days.

If I get time, I will scan and upload some samples as they are real treats.

Behaviour has been perfect again this week and attendance has very nearly been perfect. Still a co-incidence....?

It's the Bank Holiday weekend so I'm off to put my feet up and enjoy the rain....

My plans for theweek, bearing in mind we abandoned Friday