These are our desert descriptions:


When I took a deep breath in I smelt a calm fire, maybe someone is there.
Then I looked up to see the most amazing bird swooping around me.
Suddenly I heard wind-chimes, tingling my eardrums.
By Dennis

In the desert…

I had a holday of a luftime … strange for mations of the rock s me plenty to investigate rock s that look like a dinsaurs . The fiery heat made me feel hot and grumpee.
By Helen
In the desert

As I went to a desert I sear rocks shaped like animals they were
The burning hot can bbq you in a
shocking mint of time when you step in the desert . The rocks are imaginary. They are ancient and rusty and crumply also.

By Charlie

The desert gives me mysterious thoughts that it could be Preerstorric place which could be scary .
It feels scorching like I’m in an oven. The bird swoops From the sky like if it had lost its home
by micky


In the desert……

As I looked in to the desert I hear a smoothing chime.
As I saw a rock that looked like a dinosaur but someone spilled some rusty old paint.
I’m standing under the sun I feel extremely hot but I won’t to explore as I feel that the desert will never end!

By Chelsea

In the desert

As I stood and gazed at the scorching desert I saw dried up fossils stuck in the rock. When I started creeping along the baking hot sand I stared down, to my surprise I saw millions and millions of mysterious creatures! From the heat of the sun hitting my body made me look up and I saw the most ancient bird swooping and hunting for its prey. By Holly


In the Desert

I was standing on a top of a huge rock, I saw a black bird circling around the sky waiting for its prey to come.
I looked down and I saw a rock shaped like a dinosaur.
The rocks were all old and rusty. I glanced down at a mysterious creature. There was a bear who was looking for food but it couldn’t find any so it was roaring with anger.

By Nadiya

In the desert

Standing in the most Becquler place, I looked up. To my surprise I saw the most interesting bird I had ever seen.
Creeping on I got hotter and hotter, then I snifft. I could
Smell a fiery smell. To think that someone was living
here. If there was would they sufive. Suddenly my heart sank
would I sufive !

In the Desert

As I looked at the Desert I saw mysterious creatures.

A bird was hunting for their pray.

I saw a bear inside the cave hunting for things and I though was winter.

By Sarina!