In the beginning there was the desert...

In the desert

I can see red, hot mountains burnt by the scorching sun. Such a place like this I have never seen in my life! Plants and animals dying of thirst.

I can feel cold dry rugged rocks scraping the skin of my fingers. The blistering heat dissolves the last of my water supplies.

I can smell salty muddy water from a far distance.
The dorito looking mountains smell of gone of cabbage.

Revolting….Smelly….Penetrating. by Chloe

In the desert

I can see a circling bird, trapping its prey

Cacti filled with juicy water
Boiling sand… scorching sun… fossils…

I can feel sand that has nearly turned to glass
Calmness, rushing threw my body
Sweat… fear… calm…

I can smell wind, flickering my nostrils
Stinky sweat, from staying in desert to long
Flames… boudoirs… dust…

I can taste mud, killing my taste buds
Water, the last drop in the area
Dryness… dry throat… hardly can breath

I can hear wind-chimes, bashing my eardrums
Wind, making my ears cold
Fire… silence… birds Dennis

In the desert

I can see glossy red rocks that had been burned by cavemen in olden times. Eagles that have been soaring through the skies for a decade. Curious creatures…. Cacti….monsters that died.

I can feel the blistering sand that’s scorching hot. I touched an eagle that was hungry so I fed it.

Blistering heat…. Eagles go hungry…. Newly grown grass.

I can smell a burning fire from my tent. A sense of fresh air and adventure and the smell of slippery sweat .
Burning fires….fresh air….sweat

I can taste the salt off of the rocks. The water from an oasis I can taste the dryness.
salt…. Water….dryness

I can hear the eagle squawking in the air. I hear the wind on my cheeks .I can hear my voice.

Squawking of eagles…. My voice….wind. Jesseca


I can see so many rocks you could hide a skyscraper.
A mountain blocking the sun.
A hunting bird soaring, searching for its prey.

I can feel sand blowing into my hand rushing down.
A rock so sharp it will chop your finger off.

I can smell a burning, breathless candle.
With smoking dinosaurs bones.
But all I can smell now is sweat rushing down my body.

I can taste rusty rocks sand coming into my mouth.
And I can taste the fresh wind.
With a burning caddie.

I can hear a eagle squeaking at he’s pray.
And sand blowing at my face.
And crumbling down it. tyler

In the desert……

I can see the golden, glimmering sand ahead of me. As quick as lightning sparkles of light catch my eye.

I can feel the soothing breeze penetrate my body.

I can smell the beauty of the empty air running through my nostrils, into my lungs…delicious.

I can taste the juice from a dark green cactus, making my mouth water.
by Jordan

In the Desert….

I can see golden, fiery rocks sunbathing in the heat of the day
An ancient bird swirling and circling its prey
Empty…stillness …abandoned land

I can feel the baking hot sand burning my feet
As I climb I can feel the sharp ragged rocks scraping my skin
Scorching…sweltering…never ending

I can smell the flames of a fire
Its making me feel there someone here!
Emotional...burning…lonely land

I can taste the crunchiness of the sand
The cactus juice made me dribble
Thirstiness…dryness…need water

I can hear the crunchy sand blowing gentle with the wind
The crumbling and crashing of the rock
Noises…frightening…I’m scared


In the Desert….

I can see an empty land waiting just for me
Looking up I can see a golden bird swooping around my head

I can feel the rough, ragged rocks scraping my leg as I climb
As I creep on I can feel the prickly breeze smashing into my face


I can taste the sense of adventure slipping into my pocket
Thinking of water I reach into my bag but there’s not enough of it

I can hear a dingdong sound coming from the wind
Hearing a crackling sound makes me uncoftebal
by Molly

In the desert

I can see an immense bird gliding through the cloudy sky searching for its prey.

I can feel the wind blowing in to my face. I can feel the heat burning my skin.

I can smell smoke of burning candles. I can smell the dusty rocks nearby.

I can taste sand crunching in my mouth. Dry air in the sky.

I can hear wind chimes… peaceful… relaxing… calming.

In the Desert

I can see a swooping fiery Dragon waiting for its prey,
Sweltering heat penetrating the rock,
An emptiness, stillness, abandoned, undiscovered land.

I can feel a soothing breeze tickling my skin,
Blistering heat burning my body,

I can smell fresh pretty flowers,
The smoke of a hot burning candle,
Sweat of someone, dead dragons, disgusting bones.

I can taste the lovely clean breeze,
The rusty red salty rocks,

I can hear wind-chimes blowing in the wind
Lovely BlueBells ringing,
Cold crunchy leaves falling off tree.


In the desert

I can see creatures burning in the scorching sun struggling to survive

I can feel the breeze of the cool wind rushing against my face
Burning…. Blistering….backing

I can smell sweat dripping of someone’s for head
Fire up a head ready for hunters to cook their food

I can taste the fossils as that is the only thing left to eat
The rustiness of the sharp and ragged rocks

I can hear the echo of someone shouting behind the rocks
Birds calling in readiness to catch their prey
Rustling…crashing…footsteps by chelsea