Who was that man?

A Mysterious Man!

As he suddenly appeared in front of me, he was so unbearable to look at.
Looking at him, you would tell he was very weak but he turned out to be extremely strong.
His hair looked incredibly tatty and greasy it looked as if he had not washed or brushed it for a very long time.
When he stared at me he looked so suspicions, it was hard to believe he was real.
He was so desperate to get his hands on the book he did it in a blink.
As he stood so furiously his sharp eyes stabbed me! He was such a stranger, he had to be an imposter. Then, with a flick of his withered ancient hands, he vanished!

By Molly and Helen

The mysterious man

As soon as the strange man took one step in the study room I thought I’d seen the crooked man before, he was like a horrible nightmare. The first ghastly thing I saw on him was his terrible bleached hair. In the night you have creepy visions of him.
Even though the spooky man was small he was exceedingly hideous.

Fiercely, the stranger Plodded (but not slowly quite fast) over to the orange fireball then threw it at the curtain. Flames bursted out with fury and then took the relation book at the same time the other book the strange man had droped I had a quick peek

By Chloe and Charlie

As soon as I had my back to the main entrance a suspicious looking man appeared in front of my very own eyes.
He was extremely monstrous….impolite….filthy!!!
He looked cold hearted, but was he?
This man looked at me with his dark evil eyes. He had blood as dark as the night sky, mean like the dark devil, anger struck. He smashed, destroyed the one and only journal called RELEESHAN!!!
I felt like saying don’t you know how other people’s feelings might be, but I was far too scared to say anything at all except from….GET OUT OF HERE!!!

By Luke and Jordan

The theft

An impostor appeared before my very eyes. His ragged hair made him look like he was a millennium years old...
His tatty, ancient hair reaches his fears heart.
Once I took a good look at him I saw his threatening and evil eyes!
His hobo like clothes makes him look like he was abandoned.
He has sharper nails than a sword so his sandals are thinner than tip of a pencil.

Dwight & Dennis

As soon as the mysterious man appeared, I noticed his ragged old clothes. They were ripped in most places and I think there the only clothes he has.
His face was extremely dirty, like he’s never washed it.
I also noticed his skin was as dirty as mud as though if he were to have a bath the water would be extremely brown.
Fiercely, the impostor stared at me with his penetratingly evil eyes. One flick of his withered finger he had vanished.
By Holly, Tyler

Who was the man!

An Errie man turns up as creepy as can be like a person in your worst nightmare.
The impostor’s cloths are trebly ragged and torn like a tiger has ripped it to bits.

His face looks like it has never been wash. His hideous face was extremely revolting.

His long tatty hair hangs just under his shoulders looking scruffy.
His long revolting hand reached out and got a fire ball in the study he throw it burst before my eyes.
By Chelsea, Mickey and Sarina!

As soon as the imposter appeared, I noticed his torn ragged clothes. And the clothes he was wearing were old fashioned.
It looked like his clothes have been ripped to bits. His dirty tatty hair longer than his shoulders and it looked like he never had a bath. It was like he had never brushed his hair or washed it. He gazed at me with his penetrating evil eyes. He looked extremely suspicious and scary. He was Repulsive and frightening. The man was wicked and evil. He is a mysterious man and it seemed like he had a bad temper.. With a flick of his fingers, he disappeared!
By Britney and Nadiya

The mysterious old man

The nauseatingly ugly, old man looked at me with penetrating eyes. His face was so dirty I could not see it and it felt like he was an unforgettable man. The man was extremely evil and vicious, like a killer monster. The imposter was sinful, hateful and wicked but he vanished before my eyes.

By jack & Jessica